Welcome to Fervor Candle Company

The Fervor Candle Company is a women-owned small business committed to creating high quality products that are good for you and the environment. We believe everyone deserves a little sparkle in their life, and hand-pour every product with an extra sprinkle of good vibes and positivity.

Our Story

See those BFFs up there? That's Kingston and Laura, and their love inspired this company.

Laura loves home fragrance but Kingston is a delicate flower and has a whole laundry list of medical issues and allergies that require regular medication. With all of the additives, artificial fragrances, carcinogens, and soot produced by big brand paraffin wax candles, Laura couldn't enjoy candles in her home without risking Kingston's health - definitely not an option. Several family members were also fragrance-sensitive and couldn't come to visit if candles were lit in the house.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, Laura learned a lot about the benefits of 100% natural soy wax from a friend who had started making candles. Armed with this new knowledge, Laura began experimenting with making her own natural wax melts and candles at home. Not only was Kingston unbothered by her creations, her house smelled AMAZING and visitors who used to complain about the store-bought candles she used giving them headaches now commented on how pleasant her home smelled. 

Realizing there was a need for clean and gentle home fragrance alternatives in the current market, the Fervor Candle Company was born.  Now you, too, can enjoy natural and non-toxic home fragrance without the headaches! 

Our Mission

We want to help you reimagine what home fragrance can be.

Our mission is to offer everyone - including those with pets, allergies, and fragrance sensitivities - deeply relaxing, highly fragrant, visually appealing, long-lasting candles and wax melts with natural ingredients and clean fragrance that make everyday moments extraordinary.