About Fervor Room and Linen Spray

Fast application, long-lasting, and 100% aerosol-free home fragrance! 

Enjoy your best-smelling home in a flash with our skin-safe and eco-friendly room & linen mists.

One burst from our concentrated room spray bottles releases a prolonged continuous funnel of fine mist fragrance at 1.22cc per second, making it easier than ever to fill your space with your favorite scents!   Guests on the way or your pet made a mess?  We've got you covered - freshen up fast with the pull of a trigger.

Perfect for use in any room, in your vehicle, in clothing drawers, on upholstery and curtains, and even on wool dryer balls to add a boost of light fragrance to your laundry!

Our kids like a quick blast of home fragrance on their bedding at night to help them wind down and relax before falling asleep.  The essential oils in our custom fragrance blends are wonderful for promoting positive mindsets and relaxation - you can learn more about the psychological benefits of home fragrance here on our blog 'Playing with Fire'.