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Enchanted Library Room & Linen Mist

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Fast application, long-lasting, and 100% aerosol-free home fragrance! Enjoy your best-smelling home in a flash with our skin-safe and gentle Room & Linen Mists.


Our Enchanted Library Room & Linen Mist is the perfect indulgence for booklovers who cherish the magic of reading, and captures the essence of the beloved fairy tale 'Beauty & The Beast'. The aroma of aged paper and leather conjures up the image of the Beast's mysterious and captivating library, while the delicate scent of rose petals and soft vanilla adds a touch of warmth and romance. Hints of fresh cut grass complete the fragrance, evoking the beauty of the enchanted castle's sprawling gardens. With the simple pull of a trigger, this captivating scent will transport you to a world of fairy tales and happy endings, inviting you to lose yourself in the pages of your favorite books.

Fragrance Notes: Aged paper, leather, rose petals, soft vanilla, and fresh cut grass


One burst from our concentrated room spray bottles releases a funnel of fine mist for wide area coverage, making it easier than ever to fill your space with your favorite scents!

Here are a few of the many ways our customers like to use our Room & Linen Mists:

- Spray in your garbage can between cleanings to eliminate strange odors.
- Spray on woolen dryer balls before loading your laundry in the dryer for an extra boost of freshness.
- Use it to freshen up your car to get rid of funky odors and the smell of smoke.
- Spray on your pillows to help you unwind at bedtime and get a better night's sleep.
- Refresh dog beds and cat towers between vacuums.
- Freshen up your gym bag to keep it smelling clean and fragrant between washings.
- Spray in your bathroom before your shower for a luxurious steam-activated fragrant experience.