100% Soy Wax Glittering Wax Melt Tarts - Fervor Candle Company

About Fervor Glitter Wax Melts

Home fragrance without the headaches - that's our mantra.

Our glitter wax melts level-up traditional wax melt tarts - make your everyday fragrance moment extraordinary with beautiful glittering swirls!

Control your fragrance intensity and even mix-and-match scents with conveniently snappable segments!  Our hand-crafted wax melt tarts are created using 100% soy wax with clean fragrance and organic pet-safe essential oils, providing you with delicious room-filling home fragrance without the need for an open flame.  Simply break off one or two squares, place it in your favorite wax warmer (or 2, or 3), flip the switch, and enjoy the full fragrance effect of scented candles worry-free!  As an added bonus, these wax melts are super easy to store and feature resealable packaging to ensure your favorite scents stay fresh longer.

We rotate our scents constantly so that you can discover new favorites and keep your home fragrance game strong!